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Primary Teacher Training: BASI Pilates®

In Pilates Candace found the movement system she had been waiting for....the perfect fit for her mind and body. She received her certification from BASI Pilates® in 2002. Her secret reason for obtaining her certification was to deepen her understanding of Pilates and why is it so magical. One works so hard but feels so good! She also desired to spend more time on the apparatus exploring the exercises on her own. She has found that teaching Pilates to others deepens her understanding of the work and is a great deal of fun. She has a studied privately with many well-known instructors and appreciates every opportunity to deepen her practice and broaden her knowledge by attending the PMA and other fantastic workshops held in the Southern California area especially those offered by Pilates Anytime at the Studio at Padaro.

Candace believes Pilates is the basic building block for all the activities of Life. It is more than just exercise. It is the groundwork that helps us to participate fully in our activities, jobs, relationships, helping others....Life. When the pilot light of the “Powerhouse” or “center” is lit in a good Pilates session, one leaves the Studio feeling revitalized, confident and in touch with one’s own personal mind- body energy. If not, one still leaves having had a great work-out!

Carpinteria Pilates

The Studio is located on the sand of Padaro Beach in beautiful Carpinteria, California just south of Montecito in the Santa Barbara area. Our studio is fully equipped with brand new Balanced Body equipment. We also have a limited studio of Gratz equipment for those who practice traditionally.

We'd love you to join us for private lessons, group classes, or one of our workshops.

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